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Body Brushing: Do It To Detox Skin (And Minimize Cellulite)

Hey, for five minutes a day, it's worth a shot, right?

We know you don’t want yet another thing to add to your morning routine, but body brushing is one that is well worth it. So we know that skin plays a critical role in the daily detoxification of your body, and that if your body is overloaded with toxins, it is usually reflected in your skin. (Think, say, dry and lackluster, or oily and pimple-y: We’ve all been there.) Body brushing is a detoxing technique that removes dead skin cells and stimulates lymphatic drainage to release and eliminate the aforementioned toxins from the body. Now, even just five minutes of body brushing a day will also…

  • Increase circulation, which, in some cases, improves cellulite
  • Shed dry skin cells, which encourages new cell renewal and ultimately resulting in brighter skin
  • Release toxins through the improvement of lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulate the nerve endings, which just feels great
  • Help to eliminate clogged pores—and therefore assists absorption of nutrients
  • Aid with digestion
  • Tone muscle

The practice of body brushing is not new, but it has only gained popularity in recent years, mostly as a precursor to many spa body treatments. I myself was introduced to the ancient art of dry body brushing during my work with the skincare brand Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute.

Now, here’s how to do it.

  1. For best results, use a natural bristle brush.
  2. Always brush on dry skin before a shower.
  3. Work in circular, brisk, upward motions always towards the heart and in the direction of the lymphatic flow.
  4. Start at the ankles and work up.
  5. On the back work from the neck, down towards the lower back.
  6. Use circular counter clock-wise strokes on the stomach.
  7. Lightly brush over the breasts.
  8. Ensure that you never brush over inflamed, sunburnt skin or a skin cancer.
  9. Always shower after body brushing to wash away the sloughed-off skin cells.
  10. Follow up with a moisturiser.

As with adopting any new regime, it will take time to see results: It is recommended to brush daily for a minimum of 30 days to see said results. For a more thorough lymphatic cleansing, you should brush daily for 3 months.

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