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The Live Review: Where To Find The Best Green Juice In Bozeman, Montana

Alert: We are talking $30 for a 64-ounce jar of green juice.


Leave it to the always-charming Bozeman to have not one, but two fantastic spots for good, whole foods and clean, natural products. (And did we mention that green juice?) Here, where to go in Bozeman for healthy eats.

1. Nutshell Naturals: Privately owned by two real food-loving women, this place has all the alternative health goods you could ever possibly need. Think whole food supplements, vegan and raw protein powders, essential oils and a fully stocked juice bar in the back of the shop.

I stopped by every few days for a 64-ounce mason jar of fresh pressed green juice for only $30. If only we could have one of these in every town we visit!

Nutshell Naturals, 35 South Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT;(406) 585-3777.

2. Community Food Co-op: This local, independent grocery store boasts two locations in Bozeman, meaning you will always have access to good food in this town. The smaller location, right in the middle of downtown, has a huge salad bar, a smoothie bar and hot food options available all day long.

They offer local organic produce and meat, deli-prepared meals, artisan bread, organic non-GMO groceries, hard-to-find ingredients, natural supplements and body care (and much more). It’s always an honor to support a community-owned business and this place is high on the list for one of my favorites.

Community Food Co-op, 44 East Main, Bozeman, MT; (406) 922-2667.


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