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On A Bike, In A Park, At A Gym: Where To Work Out In Mexico City

Where to work out in Mexico City? Everywhere, basically. Being active is a way of life in this vibrant city.

Consistent bike lanes may be hard to come by, and the roads are still not 100% after the devastating earthquake in September. But Mexico City is resilient, and a bike is still the best way to see the city. ECOBICI, the shared bike program in Mexico City, allows you to do just that. Much like similar programs in the States and in Europe, you can borrow a bike and return it to rack stations all over the city. No need for a bike lock, ideal for travelers.

There’s nothing better than whizzing by traffic in the bike-only lane with wind in your hair while witnessing the local life unfold, especially in a city like Mexico City. Especially considering that traffic can stand still at any time of the day, and you’re better off not being in a car. Wealthy neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods border one another. The mix of food carts, office buildings, restaurant lean-tos and the people everywhere are what make this city beautiful.

The city encourages its citizens to bike. One of the ways the city is fighting their pollution problem is to close major streets like Reforma (the major business center avenue) on Sundays to allow non-auto traffic. Just seeing people running and biking on a sunny day (on what’s normally a hectic street) is encouragement enough to tap into the exercise movement there.

While biking is prevalent, the city also has a few great gyms to keep you in shape — and help you learn Spanish. (Many classes are in Spanish.) Located in the heart of Roma in Mexico City, Qi Wellness is a five- story gym that has it all: Meditation classes, yoga, Cross Fit, Combat, Spin, Pilates, ballet. A rooftop, a three-story climbing wall, an obstacle course, a spa, an outside cafe. The gym is a cement building that opens to a glass wall on one side, with trees and plants cascading its five floors. The rooftop looks out over a street filled with tropical plant life taller than its surrounding buildings. A wooded running path makes up the median of the road out in front.

While bikes and beautiful gyms may be found in Roma and its nearby neighborhoods (famous for artists and health-conscious citizens), the entire city makes a statement with their abundant parks and art work. Chapultepec is a massive park, larger than Central Park, with a castle at the top of its main hill and four museums to visit inside. Parque España and Parque México are destinations in Roma, but almost every neighborhood has at least one small park, and many of them include free workout equipment. Artwork peeks out at you from every crevice of this city, from architecture and street art to free standing sculptures and funky storefronts… Art is this city’s oxygen.

Mexico City is a place to discover wellness, art and outdoor life. And, while there are plenty of options regarding where to work out in Mexico City, do yourself a favor: See this city unfold via bike.

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