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Whole30 Series, A Must-Watch Documentary And Other Links That Caught Our Eye

For your perusal as you sip your morning coffee/tea/matcha.

Wherein we share the stories and recipes and stuff and other such gems that caught our collective eye this week.

The new book that teaches how to eat in peace and why the word “Fuck” is actually a helpful tool in healing.

A must-try healthy white chocolate mocha recipe made with organic cocoa butter, vanilla, cream, maple syrup and coconut milk powder!

If travel is in store for you this year, this article shares fifty best places to travel in 2018.

A documentary from a practicing physician and 10x NY Times bestselling author that reveals how we’ve arrived at an epidemic of “Broken Brains“…and the surprising solutions that can help you heal.

And in case you missed it, we have an entire series of articles dedicated to the Whole30. If you are or a friend are currently doing this program, these are for you:


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